There are several factors that might quietly but dramatically make your poker career derail and there are small tricks that might play a relevant role in your success. Let’s discover how a poker enthusiast should approach the poker career in order to make money out of it.

Pick the right device

Considering the fact that most of the indian poker rooms are mobile only, consider investing a performing device to play at your best.

The larger the screen, the better. If you can, play on a tablet. Many poker rooms allow you to multitable (on different tabs, though) and having more space is easier on the eyes and helps your focus.

Battery life is important too. If you can, look for a device with a nice battery and that doesn’t overheat if stressed for several hours

Don’t forget to set “do not disturb” mode when you are playing. We all love our parents, but we do not want them to call exactly while we are deciding if going all in or fold
If you are playing from a desktop client, make sure the computer is clean and ready to run as many tables as the poker client allows.

Pick a good carrier

Online poker is…”online”. You should never lose connection so whether you are playing using 3G/LTE or wifi, make sure the line is stable to avoid missing a single hand.

Where to play

Regardless your preferences between chair, couch or desk, make sure that the environment around you is quite and allows you to focus on what you are doing. You can be a pro or just an enthusiast willing to relax for a couple of hours, but as long as there are money in play, you should make sure that you are in the right position to make the most out of the grinding.

Do not get too much involved and know when to stop

It’s just poker. It’s just a game. It’s just money (you knew you could lose and you decided you were comfortable losing, in the worst scenario).

It can be part of your daily routine, but in any cause it should haunt you. Do not subtract precious time from your loved ones and do not be stubborn when the sessions just are not going as you planned. There’s always another better day, so play in bankroll, be focused and do not let external elements such as bad devices or bad internet connection play a role in your poker experience.