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Type of players

Players can be labeled using their style of playing and it’s very helpful to keep the amount of information in your head as small and as effective as possible. The two macro areas you can split the players are based on the their tendencies of aggression. In one side,...

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How to decide when and if make a bet

There are bad and good reasons for betting in any moment in poker, but the general rule is quite simple: every time you make a bet you want it to be a +ev move, meaning that you expect in the long run a positive return of investment from the result of your action....

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Playing KK on a A-high flop

You are playing preflop with pocket Kings and after a 3bet, your opponent calls. The flop falls A-4-7. The smile on your face breaks. And you have solid reasons for no being happy. First of all, Ax type hands are often in the range of your opponents, especially in a...

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How to overcome downswings

Luck is part of the game. We can argue that with strong preparation and studying a lot luck’s impact can be reduced, but it will never disappear and that’s the true essence of poker. If you do not want to accept it, just do not play at this game. What is what we call...

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Your biggest mistakes as a poker player

You are studying hard. You are playing hard. Results are not coming. Something is off with this process, isn’t it? If you are (truly) committing yourself in understanding poker strategy, but there’s a lack of good results (both in placements and money won), likely...

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Fold a monster hand

If you think that poker is about going all in and winning big pots with royal flush, you might want to change idea right now. Yes, it’s part of the charm of the game and showing your opponents big scores is always a pleasure, but most of the money you are going to dig...

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How to play like a pro?

There are several factors that might quietly but dramatically make your poker career derail and there are small tricks that might play a relevant role in your success. Let’s discover how a poker enthusiast should approach the poker career in order to make money out of...

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Check Raise

A check raise is one of the most exciting move in poker and happens when a player checks on the flop and then after a bet made by an opponent he raises showing strength in the hand. Funny, isn’t it? Let’s try to master this technique, especially considering how good...

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Playing draws

You are holding 7c-6c in a multiway pot and the flop comes Ac-9c-2s. If you remember what we have learnt in the lesson about pot odds and outs, you are not in a bad situation, but is it a hand that’s worth playing up to the last street? How can you decide if a draw is...

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Best online poker room in India


Everybody knows PokerStars. It’s the biggest and most famous poker website worldwide and now you can join the party and give a shot to the best tournaments ever scheduled.

Since April 2018 and following the regulation of the Indian online poker system, it opened its gates to the Indian players and it promises to deliver the best experience possible to poker enthusiasts.


TheSpartanPoker feels like home for Indian poker players. It’s good to know that there’s a place made by Indian people for Indian people where to play one of the best poker experience possible. As soon as the Country started to show interests in online poker, TheSpartanPoker applied for license and started to deliver a clean, smooth and entertaining poker journey to all the enthusiast around.


Adda52.com is one of the most known indian poker website and, as their mantra states, “go play” is their easy approach with online poker games.

Founded in 2011 it can count nowadays on over 1,000,000 players and it’s surely a solid rock in the Indian online games scene.

Is Online Poker Legal in India?

Yes. It is 100% legal and safe if you live in Goa, Sikkim, Daman and Nagaland regions. On a general picture, India is not the most friendly country when it comes to talk about heavy gambling, but online poker enthusiasts are safe to play on licensed Indian websites and the whole country is slowly moving ahead to find a common licenses’ system.

The Supreme Court stated that games “based on skill rather than luck” are not illegal.

Following this ruling playing online skill games like Rummy and Poker is clear as long as the websites providing the services have obtained a regular license for operating in India or at least in some of its regions.

Casino and some types of poker games such as cash game are, with the current regulation, not allowed, while sports betting, daily fantasy sports and mostly poker tournaments – sit and go and multi table – are spreading thanks to new opening by international major websites

Online Poker rooms


Let’s Learn Poker Rules

Poker is easy to learn, but hard to master. Poker Strategies are straightforward but every hand has its story to tell and can make or break your tournament.

What we are about to learn here is how an online poker game usually runs, which are the options a poker player has every hand step by step and the value of the cards and points that determines who’s taking the chips home and who’s leaving empty handed.

The deck is a full one, 52 cards, but how many people join an online poker game? It depends on the game mode but the most commons consider:

  • 2 people (one vs one), also called heads-up
  • 6 people, also called short handed table or 6-max
  • 9/10 people, regular full ring table
Assuming we are playing a regular 9 people table, each player receives a card and the one who got the higher face value will be the “dealer”. The two players sat on the left of the dealer will be the “small blind” and the “big blind.” Blinds are mandatory and the amount is always fixed; the small blind will always be half of the value of the big blind.
  1. Royal Flush An ace-high straight flush
  2. Straight Flush Five cards of the same suit ranked sequentially in order
  3. Four-of-a-Kind Four cards of the same numerical value
  4. Full House Three cards of the same numerical rank combined with two other cards of the same numerical rank
  5. Flush Five cards of the same suit
  6. Straight Five cards ranked sequentially in order regardless of suit
  7. Three-of-a-kind Three cards of the same numerical rank
  8. Two Pair Two cards of the same numerical rank and two other cards of the same numerical rank
  9. Pair Two cards of the same numerical rank
  10. High Card The card with the higher numerical value e.g. A high
The winner will be the player with the highest score using one or both his hole cards, in combination with the 5 community cards on the board. After the first player revealed his hand, the second one can muck, which means toss his hand away and concede the pot, or reveal his hand and claim the pot with an higher score.
Playing poker is pretty simple. It’s just a sequel of actions and reactions, based on the strength of the hand hold by the players involved. Check, bet, call or raise will be soon part of your skills, among many other aspects, but for now just focus on these three points:

  • the hand starts when all the players have the cards and they begin the preflop actions (fold, bet or raise)
  • postflop action is split between flop, turn and river
  • there are two ways for winning: either showing the highest score or betting and force your opponents to fold

Now that we made clear how a poker game works, we can move ahead and dig deeper in the poker strategy.