There you go! Eventually, after hours of hard playing, you have reached the final table! This tournament’s outcome might influence heavily your bankroll and it does not happen that often to be in the last 9 players around, so make sure you are about to extract the maximum value out of this occasion. How? Let’s check it out!

Final table: the importance of the stacks

If you have a small stack, the math doesn’t count that much. You are in a “perfect” situation because you can easily push up to the top, being uninterested in scoring 9th or 7th in that tournament.

Nobody wants to bust in a final table so you can use your fearless approach to play aggressively making some bold all ins, both to steal blinds or for value. Remember: 9th or 7th it will not change that much in your life. Once you are there, better playing for the big chunks of the prizepool.

On the other hand, if you are deep stacked – chipleader or so – the situation is even more wonderful. Do not just wait for other players to bust, but make sure you get yourself involved in the valuable hands, because it’s time to build an even stronger leadership, waiting for the final heads-up.

Final table: the importance of the prizes

As said, scoring 9th or 7th doesn’t change much, generally speaking. It’s a rare occasion to make a big win, so just aim for the top of the list. Even if you have won the entry in a freeroll, live the dream and don’t be afraid to lose.

Going up with the positions, instead, the matter changes because between the 5th and the 3rd there might be thousands of Rs difference. Once again, not a life-changer, but a solid amount you’d be happy to deal with.

If you are 5 left, do not play it for the 4th place, keeping on trying to win the tournament, but be more aware, especially if there are players with very small stacks, that a single hand might make a lot of difference money wise. Just play aggressively, but be careful.

Final table: the importance of the focus

If you are playing on several tournaments and one of them ends up to be a last 9 players situation, get rid of all the distractions. Other tournaments are not as much interesting – in general – so don’t be afraid to ditch them for a moment focusing only on your big fish of the evening.

Reaching the final table is a pretty rare event and that’s why you need to be really focused, possibly the less attached to the money as you can and ready to play it fearless and having fun; one of the best sensations in poker, in truth, is playing a big final table, so make sure to enjoy the moment!